Broadcast 2000


Last night I was over at the fantastic Luminaire venue in Kilburn for the special launch gig for Broadcast 2000‘s new album. To help out on the night, he had picked out three of his favourite bands, and the gig started with Stars of Sunday League, a Scottish boy-girl combo. They have a bright, very […]

Golden Egg Scramble 2010

I have absolutely no idea what to make of this – it could be real, it could be a joke (if it is it’s rather a pointless one…) but apparently a mysterious benefactor has hidden a golden egg worth £1000 somewhere in London, and they will be releasing clues every day starting on Monday 1 […]


I’ve been interested in astronomy since I was a little kid. What goes on beyond our planet has always fascinated me, and I wanted to introduce you to a wonderful free opensource program which you can download called Stellarium, which gives you a virtual planetarium on your computer screen.It’s absolutely full of features – in […]

United Underground


Last night I went over to United Underground, an event at the Southbank Centre organised around activism, live music and film, and sponsored by Ctrl-Alt-Shift magazine. During the day the event focussed on activities in the Centre’s foyer, now dubbed the ‘Front Room’, but I turned up for the evening’s events and concentrated on what […]

What’s The Buzz?

If you use Gmail as your email client you will have noticed a new social media feature, called Buzz It’s only been around for about a week so it’s difficult to gauge how successful it will be in the long term, but it does seem to be gaining popularity already, with people all over the […]

Future Form


This evening I was invited along to the opening of a new art installation sponsored by Jotta design magazine in the Trafalgar Hotel, just off Trafalgar Square, entitled “Future Form“. It’s a collaboration between several artists – Swedish illustrator Lina Ekstrand, textile designer Eunsuk Hur, painter Jonathan Ridge and Alex Shepherd, an artist in moving […]

United Underground @ The Southbank Centre

I’m going to go along to this exciting event at the Southbank Centre from 5pm this  Saturday, organised by Ctrl Alt Shift, British Underground and Riz MC . It promises to be an eclectic mixture of live music, performance art, film and features some influential speakers including Ken Livingston, Peter Tatchell and others. The live […]