Strength and Honour

A bit of a quick blogpost with a heads-up on Vinnie Jones latest outing on DVD, Strength and Honour. It looks pretty good – it’s a fairly warts and all tale about the struggles of Irish country life, and looking at the trailer they seem to have taught Vinnie how to make a passable attempt […]

Laura Live

Last night we went over to the Union Chapel to see Laura Veirs, on her worldwide tour to promote the new album, July Flame I love the Union Chapel – it’s a unique space with a unique history, and an appropriate venue for such a unique talent as Laura Veirs. Given its cavernous dimensions it’s […]

Letting Your Feet Take The Strain

I got a tip about a really interesting website from a rather unexpected source today – my colleagues at work (and I’m normally the one giving them the tips!) The site is, and like it says on the tin, it gives you information on how to get from A to B in several cities […]

Protest Pics


Yesterday I went over to Trafalgar Square with a bunch of people from the’s Photo School for the “I’m A Photographer, Not A Terrorist” Mass Photo Gathering. We had a great time wandering around and snapping away, even though it was bitterly cold – there were quite a few characters there too! The Sisters […]

A Toothy Gorefest

Last night we went to see the new vampire movie, ‘Daybreakers‘, starring Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe and Sam Neill. This film is a bit different from the norm, because it has a unique new spin on the genre – this time around we’re in the near future and almost everyone on the planet is now […]

Free To Photograph

On Saturday I’ll be going along to the event being organised in Trafalgar Square, being organised by the ‘I’m A Photographer Not a Terrorist‘ group. Now I’ve not been personally affected by s44 of the Terrorist Act, under which several legitimate photographers have been cautioned or even arrested in recent months, but I do go […]

Sunlit Walk


Yesterday, as it was gloriously sunny in London for the first time this year, A and I went for a very long walk around town, starting at Waterloo Bridge and then heading south across the river, making a big loop via Elephant & Castle and Borough that took us back across into town. I always […]