21st Century, My Dear Watson


Last night I went to see Sherlock Holmes, the new film from Guy Ritchie, fearing the worst but I’m glad to say that those fears were completely unfounded… Robert Downey Jnr in the Sherlock Holmes role certainly doesn’t give us the bookish and professorial performance we’ve grown used to in the previous outings of Arthur […]

Seat of Power


Here are some pictures of Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council’s town hall complex – there aren’t that many attractive buildings in Dudley town centre but this is a marvel. It was built in 1928 and opened by Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin, and contains the main council chamber and offices, concert hall and central library. As you […]

Alternative Christmas Songs

I really don’t have much time for the usual carols that do the rounds at this time of year – I’ve heard them a million times and they just aren’t my style. I thought I’d share the kind of music that I actually like to listen to when Christmas comes around… Here’s Tori Amos’s particularly […]

Christmas Greetings from the Mad Monks of Dudley


Yesterday I went down to take some photographs of the misty ruins of Dudley Priory, established in the 11th century but which has been abandoned for nearly half a millenium now, since it was closed in the mid 1500s as part of Henry VIII’s Dissolution of the monasteries. These days it sits in the middle […]

Slingers – Crooks In Space

There’s a lot of buzz going on at the moment about the prospect of a new British sci-fi show from Sleepy Dog, starring Sean Pertwee, written by Mike Sizemore, and directed by Steve Barron, called ‘Slingers’. The premise is that a group of people are on a specially designed starship which uses ‘sling’ technology, finally […]

Comedy Advent Calendar

I never meant the blog to have such a strong Christmas theme this year – I’ll be growing a beard and a belly next! Anyway, Eddie Izzard, one of my all-time-favourite comedians, has brought out a rather fun advent calendar to promote his tours and DVDs – I’ve come to this a bit late but […]