Kicking Tunes

I’ve mentioned on the blog a couple of times how fantastic I think Qype is for finding nice bars and restaurants if you’re in an unfamiliar part of town, and its equally good for finding out about upcoming events – in fact it makes a nice compliment to TimeOut’s listings. What its not particularly good […]

The Day The Earth Moved Around A Bit

I saw 2012 at the cinema last night, and I left feeling distinctly underwhelmed… Billed as the biggest blockbuster of 2009 (excepting Avatar) this is the latest outing for disaster movie supremo Roland Emmerich (he produced The Day After Tomorrow, 10,000BC and Independence Day amongst others) There are several really big problems with it – […]

City Lights


A frivolous little post to show you a picture I took while waiting for a friend on West India Quay earlier this evening – I love the way that long exposures (this one is 30 seconds) make water misty and indistinct… there’ll be more night shots of some christmas lights on Friday night, as long […]

The Recyclage De Luxe Show

With a complimentary ‘TV dinner’ and bottle of Stella Artois in front of me (lets get that out of the way first) I’ve been watching the company’s new environmental awareness campaign this evening, which has just been launched on YouTube. Entitled The ‘Recyclage De Luxe Show‘, Stella Artois are setting out their stall in terms […]

Goat Whisperers


I went down to Haymarket to see ‘The Men Who Stare At Goats‘ this evening. It’s a great movie with a great cast that explores the US Army’s take on psychic warfare, remote viewing and the like. George Clooney, Jeff Bridges, Ewen McGregor and Kevin Spacey star in it, with Jeff Bridges taking the ‘burned […]

The Ghost Forest


The Ghost Forest is an art installation thats being shown in Trafalgar Square right now, and which I went to see earlier this evening. The artist, Angela Palmer, is using it to remind people of the issues around deforestation, by displaying the dead stumps of magnificent trees that would once have stood in the rain […]

Tottenham Court Folk

Tonight we were down at the Borderline to see Dar Williams, a great New York folk singer. I’ll describe the gig because I can’t illustrate it with any decent photos unfortunately – on checking my bag when we arrived at the venue, the doorman left me in no uncertain terms that if my SLR came […]