We Are The Champions!

I’ve recently being trying out one of the latest crop of massively multiplayer role playing games, Champions Online from Cryptic Studios. The setting is a world of superheroes and villains, and from very early into the game you can adventure in several different areas – a city, a desert and a snowy wilderness. Later on […]

The Music Detective

I don’t know about you, but when I’m not getting new music recommendations from friends, I tend to use Last.Fm and Spotify to discover new bands, using their ‘similar to’ and ‘sounds like’ features to jump from musicians I like to things I might be interested in. That can be fun, but sometimes it can […]

The Twilight Zone


As readers will know, I do spend quite a lot of time wandering around London taking photographs. The clocks going back, and our increasingly shorter days, poses a problem though. Basically doing anything during the week becomes quite difficult as I go to work and come home in the dark, which leaves me with just […]

An Open Weekend #2


In previous years the LUGRadio caravan has run for two days – this year the guys decided one day was all they could handle, so it fell to other people to keep the ball rolling on Sunday.. The Ubuntu UK and Linux Outlaws podcasts stepped into the breach, and thus OggCamp was born. Today was […]

An Open Weekend #1


This weekend I’ve been visiting Wolverhampton to attend the only two annual events in the UK that celebrate open source software and its attendant community – LUGRadio Live on Saturday and OggCamp on Sunday. Unlike most corporate events, these have been put together by members of the community who do it for the love of […]

Croeso i Gaerdydd


I’ve been doing a lot of travelling lately. Today found me in Cardiff again, on a training course. As it was an early start I came down last night and stayed in the Radisson Blu in the city centre, which I can’t recommend highly enough – it’s very funky! The new St David’s shopping centre, […]

Christmas Come Early


A Polish friend of mine came round this evening to treat me to a special Polish recipe that only usually comes out at Christmas – barszcz with uszka (don’t ask me to pronounce it!). It’s a beetroot soup with wild mushrooms and onions, that has ravioli parcels stuffed with more vegetables floating in it. It […]