Photo School


Yesterday I attended Photo School’s creative photography workshop for beginners, run by the experienced and talented professional photographer, Jon Mortimer. I had a great time – we started off with an hour-long discussion about techniques in a room off the balcony of the very grand Crosse Keys pub in the City (clearly the headquarters banking […]

Virtually OK

I’ve just seen Bruce Willis’s new vehicle, “Surrogates” at the cinema. It’s a sci-fi movie about a world where people go out and lead their lives connected to robotic bodies while they remain at home. Dreamed up by a crazed scientist (does James Cromwell play any other role these days??) these surrogate bodies were originally […]

Let’s Be Friends

Just a quick post to let you know that in central London, until 6 October, you can pop along to our very own Central Perk coffee shop in Soho, which is an exact duplicate of the set from the Friends TV series, created to mark the 15th anniversary of the show   You can get […]

Open House Weekend #2 House Mill


My other visit during Open House Weekend was to House Mill on Three Mills Island. It’s a really unexpected sight, sitting as it does just behind Tescos at Bromley By Bow.House Mill was built in 1776 and is the biggest tidal mill in the world and, while a lot of the equipment including some of […]

Open House Weekend #1 Hackney Empire


My first visit this past weekend was to the Hackney Empire. It was built in 1901 as a music hall, and had various owners until a fateful day in 1963 when it was taken over by Mecca Bingo. Over the next 21 years they proceeded to trash the premises, but fortunately it was taken over […]

Chocolate Whispers…

I’ve received some information in the last few days about the campaign relating to the return of one of my favourite chocolate bars, the Wispa Gold. It’s a bit sickly, true, but I do love the texture of the chocolate in it They’re running a campaign where 50 lucky winners can get a special message […]

Open House Weekend

This coming weekend, 19th and 20th September the Open House Weekend is taking place in London, where buildings that are normally closed to the public will be open for tours. Amongst the buildings that you can visit in central London are 26 Whitehall and the BBC’s Bush House. I will be going to places a […]