This week at the, the competition is “weather” and we’ve certainly had some of that today in London. So, I thought I’d go out after work and try to capture some sense of it… my only problem is I can’t decide which of these three to submit as my entry :\ Around the corner […]

Step Into The Night!

I’ve just been told about an exciting Charity event taking place on Friday 4 September at 7pm, being organised by Barclays and UNICEF. The “Step into the night” walk covers 10 miles (!) starting and ending at Potters Field, behind City Hall in London, and takes in many of the City’s best sights, including St […]

The Peak District


This last weekend I’ve spent a wonderful time with very old friends in Sheffield. On Saturday we drove up to Monsal Head up at the top of Monsal Vale in the Peak District (in a sexy BMW 3-series convertible, where the roof automatically separates into several pieces and lowers into the boot – trust me […]

Strange Sights In the City


At lunchtime today I went for a quiet walk around St James Park, near Buckingham Palace. Nothing unusual there you might think, but stepping gingerly amongst the reeds at the side of the lake was a juvenile grey heron. I’ve never been this close to one before, and it was an amazing sight! There were […]

Drama Moving at 0.16G

That about sums up the pacing of ‘Moon’, the new Sam Rockwell vehicle we saw at the cinema last night. Make no mistake – this is a brave film. Even though it’s science fiction there are no deadly aliens, no spectacular space battles, no glittering new technology, just one person and his robot companion (voiced […]

Squirrels, Graffitti, How Can You Go Wrong?


Yesterday we embarked on an adventure along the Regent’s Canal from Roman Road up to trendy Hoxton, taking a diversion onto Columbia Road on the way. Just after passing underneath the Roman Road the canal runs along the west side of Victoria Park where we came upon an overfamiliar grey squirrel – what is it […]

Defying Gravity

A month or so ago there was a pilot in the States of a new sci-fi series called ‘Virtuality’ – effectively it was a dramatised ‘big brother in space’. In addition to its really clumsy title you didn’t get the feeling that it was going to go anywhere, and sure enough it doesn’t look like […]