I’m not blogging a great deal this week as frankly I feel as rough as a robber’s dog 😐 I just hope its not piggy-related… Anyway, enough of my troubles – on Sunday I took a friend over to Canary Wharf as they hadn’t seen it before. Although these days its all steel and glass, […]

To The Tower


The weather in London has been weird recently – alternately stormy and sunny, sometimes within the space of about ten minutes. After work on Friday I went down to the river to grab some shots of Tower Bridge and its surroundings – as you can see in this first shot, the bridge was in brilliant […]

Flynn Lives :)

I’ve just discovered that the footage from the long-awaited sequel to the seminal early 1980s film Tron, which broke new ground by mixing computer animation and live action and starred Bruce Boxleitner and Jeff Bridges, has been made available online. The short sequence from Tron Legacy, which was initially shown at the ComicCon in San […]

Wild Again


I completely forgot to post some shots from a little trip I took out to the area of land near Snaresbrook out in east London (other than Wanstead flats its the southernmost part of Epping Forest) before I went away – it really shows off the interesting things you can do with a long zoom […]

Captain Jack

A quick little titbit for you – post Torchwood, J has discovered Captain Jack’s Facebook pages covering seasons one and two – it makes for interesting reading You can check it out here…



I’m still completely shattered, and the heavy rain was a very unwelcome addition to the event, but the first Madstock held in a very long time, in Victoria Park last night, was an experience not to be missed! It was fantastic to catch up with all those folks that I haven’t seen in such a […]

In The West


For the remainder of the week I was in west Wales, near Borth, and we also visited one or two other spots – I particularly enjoyed spending time in the little cove that’s only accessible from a small private road nearby – there’s no sand but I think its beautiful all the same. The spectacular […]