Secret Places


Setting off from work last night with my camera, and choosing an entirely new direction, I got some surprises. I never knew that Victoria was so close to the exclusive environs of Eaton Place – home to many embassies and huge townhouses. It’s unfortunate that all the squares in the area are private “residents only” […]

Goodbye London!

Nope, sorry to burst your bubble, I’m not going anywhere 😉 “Goodbye London” is the title of a delightful new song by Luke Jackson, with accompanying graphics and direction by Murray John, that’s doing the rounds on YouTube at the moment. It’s lovely – really joyful and sad at the same time, and watching it […]

Weekend Sightseeing


This weekend was another quiet one for me (the coming one won’t be!) but I did find myself down in Soho and over by the river towards the end of the week, and in Bethnal Green at the weekend, so I thought you might enjoy sharing some of the sights with me. From Soho June […]

Hot Metal Sequel

We went to the cinema tonight and decided on Transformers – Revenge of the Fallen, and I find it difficult to hide my dissapointment – well sort of… The film has more holes than plot – many of the things that take place in the movie have origins you can only guess at, and there […]

East End MP Consorts With Timelord – Shocker!

Ah, I had you there for a moment I was just curious to see how my local MP, Lyn Brown, who represents West Ham, had fared in the expenses row, and so I used the useful online tool at the BBC. All you have to do is enter your postcode and it will take you […]

Green Park


On the way home from work earlier this evening I decided to walk through Green Park as the weather was so lovely – it’s a nice space that leads up to Piccadilly and the Ritz hotel on one corner, but it does get pretty crowded. Give me the wide open and empty spaces I found […]

For Rose


It’s a special person’s birthday today, and as I was out in our large backyard to take a picture for Digital Photography School’s current assignment, “Chair”, I thought I’d photograph a few flowers to mark the occasion… Oh, and here’s the chair I photographed for the assignment – the mower needs to come out I […]