G20 Summit Phenomenon

Well, ahead of the goings on over at the Excel Centre where world leaders will be gathering on 2 April for the G20 summit, it seems that Twitter is going into meltdown. Using the ‘hashtag‘ #G20, people are constantly posting opinions and questions about the events, and I’m sure that it will be used for […]

Torchwood Terror

I’ve not been keeping a very close eye on this lately, but as I happened to see Burn Gorman last night, it brought something to mind. As it starts broadcasting any time now, and will run over five consecutive nights, I thought I’d update you with what I’ve been able to discover about series 3 […]

Pretty Flowers and Little Lambs, Urban Style

I went for a walk down to Brick Lane and over to Columbia Road flower market with a friend today. It gave me a chance to indulge in a bit of gratuitous photography, including some great examples of urban art: We also wandered around Hackney City Farm for a while, which I’ve visited before, but […]

With A Welsh Twist

I had an interesting experience tonight – I actually went to a musical! We went to see Oliver – the current production is running at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, and we had a great evening. The cast was wonderful, and although Rowan Atkinson was replaced by his understudy, Jodie Prenger starring as Nancy and […]

Life after Battlestar Galactica = A Long, Long Way From Home

OK, so we’ve reached the end of BSG, and we’re nearing the end of Season 3 of Heroes, so what’s next? Well it looks like the creators of Stargate have taken a leaf out of both of these series’ books, as the new ‘Stargate Universe‘, due in the Autumn, seems to be a far cry […]

Be Amazing

I’ve discovered another fun video from Mental_floss. This great little computer-generated piece explains how to destroy the planet earth using common household materials (no, not really). Have a look and you too might ‘Be Amazing!’

A Magical Meetup

There have been two London Blogger Meetups this month, with the one this evening held at the charmingly named Doggetts Coat and Badge at the southern end of Blackfriars Bridge. Tonight was a bit special, as we got talks both from Helen Aspell from the Equality and Human Rights Commission, and a chap from the […]