A Little Bit of Christmas

I work in Victoria, just Southeast of Westminster. Tonight as I left the office there were some gospel singers doing their own take on Christmas Carols in Cardinal Place, and even the Catholics had clearly got into the spirit of the season, with not one but two Christmas trees adorning London’s “other” Cathedral And I […]

Christmas Behind The Scenes

This is going around the web at the moment – would you believe that someone has managed to hack into Santa’s Gmail account! This isn’t for the kids, but the adults amongst you might want to take a look at some of the emails he has received recently…  click on the link here. Naughty santa!

Smokin’ Thirteen

Another season and another edition of the wonderful ‘Smoke – A London Peculiar‘ has appeared, issue 13. This time around there are lots of short stories and articles, including the excitement represented by Vauxhall in ‘Viva Vauxhall!’ and a cute little story set on a night bus, and as always its full of great photography. […]

The Birmingham and Midland Institute


I had a great day at the Birmingham and Midland Institute in Birmingham City Centre today, where I was attending a workshop on the Government’s Digital Inclusion Action Plan consultation. The Birmingham and Midland Institute has a fascinating history. It was formed in 1854 to serve the people of Birmingham as a centre of academic […]

The Virtual Orchestra

I thought I’d tell you about an exciting new project I’ve found taking place on YouTube right now – a new symphony composed by Tan Dun, ‘The Internet Symphony For YouTube’. I’m very familiar with his work, because I’m a fan of contemporary Chinese fantasy martial arts films, and he composed the scores of both […]


I watched ‘Choke‘ at the cinema tonight – an art-house film on limited release starring Sam Rockwell (Zaphod Beeblebrox in the remake of the Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy, and featuring in the upcoming film of the David Frost/Richard Nixon interviews) and directed by Clark Greg, who I last saw as the S.H.I.E.L.D agent in […]

Tschüs Deutschland!


Our long weekend ended with two train journeys, taking us out of Saxony and into Thuringia, where we arrived in Altenburg to get onto a coach to the local airport (once a soviet airbase). There’s not much to say about this journey other than to remark that German trains are incredibly clean and very prompt, […]