More Than Skin Deep


Well I was introduced to a new sub-culture today – the world of tattooing (or Irezumi in Japanese) at the London Tattoo Convention which took place over the weekend at Tobacco Dock in Wapping. There were lots of stalls set up in the old shop premises on the site, each area of the first floor […]

London Tattoo Convention

Taking place at the disused shopping centre, Tobacco Dock in Wapping, this weekend is the London Tattoo Convention. The event brings together the best tattoo artists from all over the world to show off their artistry and expertise. I’ll be going along on Sunday and hope to be blogging about it later, but if tattoos […]

Spys Like Us


Now here’s a tale – I’ve been following a set of cryptic clues over the last few weeks, including a planted classified ad in the London Lite, purportedly coming from an organisation calling themselves the 7th Syndikate. Their instructions ended with an order to turn up at the Albert Memorial earlier this evening in hat […]


So I was near Covent Garden last week and visited a store that I’ve been to before, but it seems that most people don’t know about it. It’s Cybercandy on Garrick St. They sell all sorts of American chocolate and sweets (including Almond M&Ms; and dark chocolate Snickers bars!) and products from other countries as […]

The Gnomes Are Coming!


I wanted to put another post about Wroclaw because of something a bit quirky about the place – the statues. Throughout the city you will find gnomes, not charming little garden ornaments but put there by the Orange Alternative movement during the 1980s as a protest against the Communist authorities… they pop up at the […]

Poland Beckons Again


So I was in Poland again this weekend, specifically in the city of Wroclaw (pronounced Vrot-swaff). Historically, its typical of cities in that region in that its spent its existence in several different countries, only becoming part of Poland after 1945 before which it had been part of Germany and known as Breslaw. The Wikipedia […]

99 Red Kites


Well, not quite. About 30 in fact. This is another tale from Wales about the magnificent birds that come in to feed at 3pm every day at Bwlch Nant yr Arian up in the mountains inland from Aberystwyth. Red kites are huge predatory birds, with long, forked tails and enormous, almost two- meter wings. Seeing […]