Oh Hell

I don’t know what’s happening with summer blockbusters in the last few years. Since Lord of the Rings it seems that anything with a fantasy or sci-fi theme has to run for ages simply to justify its own existence, and so it won’t surprise you to find that Hellboy II – The Golden Army runs […]

The Empire Invades

Some amateur film-makers on the ‘net really do have some amazing talent. I don’t have anything else to say about this, just watch this little film that shows what happens when Star Wars meets San Francisco – unbelievable work! http://current.com/e/89204971/en_UK

Incarcerated with the ‘MiddleMan’

While I’ve been at home for the last couple of days I’ve been introduced to a new show that’s a completely tongue-in-cheek mixture of The Avengers, Austin Powers and Buffy – it’s ‘The Middleman‘ from ABC Family (based on the comicbook of the same name) The show is great fun and includes all the usual […]

Virtual Free Food

Although I’m not much in the mood for eating at the moment (don’t ask!) I thought I’d share a new site that I’ve found with you – OpenSourceFood.com It’s a really nicely put together food and recipe site that, just like open source software, encourages people to openly share and discuss their ideas and it’s […]

Ocean Village


As part of my trip to Southampton last weekend, we went down to Ocean Village marina, just outside Southampton City Centre. It reminds me a lot of the docks around London’s East End that I’ve visited, particularly as there was a big red light ship waiting for us when we turned the corner. It’s just […]

Home of the Titanic


I spent the weekend in the historic city of Southampton, which if you didn’t know is the place where the RMS Titanic was built and launched from the White Star Dock on April 10th, 1912, and the City Centre is littered with monuments and commemorative plaques that recount the tragic sinking of the ship. To […]

A Little Slice of the USA


Can be found in Grosvenor Square, sometimes known as ‘Little America’, because of the huge, ugly edifice of the US Embassy sitting on one side, and the US Navy’s UK Headquarters on another. We were relaxing having a Starbucks coffee sitting in the square earlier this evening, and it certainly contains a lot of American […]