What Next For the Doctor?

So after last night’s episode it looks like there’s another one to add to this little picture… I think you’ll agree that it was a really amazing episode of Doctor Who. Shortly after the episode had aired I started to follow the conversation that was going on at the DigitalSpy forums – within an hour […]

Fancy playing God?

Last night I picked up the ‘Spore Creature Creator’ which has come out in advance of the full Spore game which will be available in the autumn. In Spore you get to create creatures from various different parts – eyes, ears, limbs, horns, fins and the like, using a really simple interface. You then go […]

Heinz Meanz Hate?

I’ve been a bit hesitant about posting in the blog about this recent news, but as it has incensed me so much I’m going to subject you to it I’m afraid, dear readers. As you may know, Heinz have withdrawn the television advert for their new Deli-style mayonnaise after complaints from a small group of […]

‘The Stolen Earth’

There’s a new longer trailer and a clip available on the BBC’s Doctor Who site for this Saturday’s episode, ‘The Stolen Earth’- it’s a bit spoilerific though because you get to see exactly who the ‘old enemy’ is. Who ever heard of a laughing Dalek anyway… enjoy this analysis of the first trailer!

Blogging for London

Tonight saw my third visit to the London Bloggers’ Meetup, as always ably organised by Andy Bargery, but this time taking place at the Coach and Horses on Greek St, Soho. Tonight was a little different as there were several presentations, notably a talk by Xavier Damman, creator of commentag.com, a useful tool for bloggers […]

“Don’t Blink… Don’t Even Blink”

Or you might miss the ” statues” that will shortly be appearing on the empty fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square… For a period of a hundred days and an hour at a time, members of the general public will be occupying the plinth on the north east corner of the square. This is an “inspired” […]

What are Words Worth?


Friday saw another visit to Massive Attack’s Meltdown, this time to see Tom Tom Club and the Gang of Four at the Royal Festival Hall. Tom Tom Club were on top form, performing their big hit, ‘Wordy Rappinghood’ and also in their set was a version of Hot Chocolate’s ‘Sexy Thing’. They were very energetic […]