National Digital Inclusion Conference 2008

The title of this post doesn’t sound very interesting does it? In fact I suppose if you’re not in the know it sounds positively stuffy. Well would it surprise you to know that only two-thirds of the population go online, including under a third of people over 55, and that this situation hasn’t changed for […]

After Battlestar Galactica…

The TV Addict has put up a post concerning a script that has been leaked, which appears to be the initial episode of a new series called “Caprica” (which there have been rumours about for ages) that looks at life in the 12 colonies of the Battlestar Galactica universe before the cylon attack. Unsurprisingly, it […]

Funky Online Video Creation Made Easy

Take a look at this video which I put together in five minutes flat a little earlier this evening – it’s an animated slideshow of some shots I took while wandering around Malbork Castle in Poland a little earlier this month (which I really must blog about btw!) set to some free-to-copy music. I used […]

Animal, Vegetable, Graffiti


We had an early start today, so that we could get to Columbia Road Flower Market while it was still in full flow. Just off Bethnal Green Road, the market started in the mid 1800s but has concentrated on flowers and houseplants since the 1960s. It runs every Sunday from 8am until 2pm, and you […]

Sci-Fi Classics #3

This time it’s ‘Dune‘ – no, not the piece of rubbish perpetrated by Dino de Laurentis in 1984 that bore no relation whatsoever to the Frank Herbert novel of the same name, but the mini-series produced by the Sci-Fi Channel from 2000 until 2003, which adapts ‘Dune’ and the following two novels, ‘Dune Messiah’ & […]

Ubuntu Hardy Heron is Released Today!

Well I’m unable to attend the launch in London’s Soho this evening, but just to let you know that today marks the release of Ubuntu 8.04, codenamed the ‘Hardy Heron’. Ubuntu is an alternative linux operating system which you can use on your PC or laptop instead of (or as well as) Microsoft Windows, and […]

Battlecats Galactica

Well they’ve done it now – LOLCats have finally invaded Battlestar Galactica – check this link. My favourite is the one above, a reference to Commander Tigh As you may know, Series 4 has started over in the States and is being broadcast almost simultaneously on Sky One (or you can watch it using other […]