Nos vacances à Bruxelles – Overall impressions


Well we’re back from Brussels. I don’t know why people say that it’s a boring destination – we were there for four days and didn’t get to see everything we wanted to see. There are as many museums as there are in London, restaurants and chocolate shops everywhere, and lovely little ‘estaminets’ that serve traditional […]

Beer, Chocolate, Sleet & Snow

Well there’ll be no blogposts for a few days because I’m off to Brussels for ‘le weekend’. The BBC weather report says sleet and snow are predicted with a minimum temperature of -6C on Saturday night, so there’ll be a lot of nipping in and out of warm little bars I’m sure. There’ll be some […]

TimeOut Pub Quiz

I was invited by Annie Mole of the London Underground blog to be part of the team of London bloggers, “The London Pigeon Collective”, at TimeOut’s “So you think you know London?” pub quiz, which took place @ ULU last night. The team consisted of Annie, Jonathan Justice (one of Annie’s regular contributors, looking very […]


I was over in East Ham this afternoon, on a visit to my dentist (ouch!). It wasn’t all bad news though, because right opposite the tube station (it’s on the District Line) is the Who Shop! I know that these days most shopping parades in our fair city are cookie cutter affairs of endless kebab […]

Underground Treasures


Today was one of those days when you didn’t want to be out in the elements in London, as it was cold and very, very windy. That limited our choice of destination for the Sunday walk, so we opted for somewhere warm. We ended up underground, in the shopping precincts that sit below street level […]

Love Beer

On Wednesday evening I went with a few friends to the “London Drinker Beer & Cider Festival 2008“, held at the Camden Centre just behind Camden Town Hall (which isn’t really in Camden proper – its on the opposite site of the street from the rather grand St Pancras Station on Euston Road). I should […]

Cooling the Tube

Last night I went to the “Cooling the Tube” talk by Kevin Payne, director of the engineering programme at TfL, which took place at the Building Centre on Store St as part of their exhibition that runs until April 19, “Underground – London’s Hidden Infrastructure”. If you go during the day you can look around […]