London Bloggers Meetup

Last night I went to my first meeting of the London Bloggers meetup group, upstairs at the Camel & Artichoke near Waterloo station. I had a great time, and met lots of fascinating folk, including the lads from the Londonist, Peter Marshall, who in addition to being a blogger has been a photographer since before […]

“I am not a Merry Man!”


Excuse me for using a post title that only the most dedicated Star Trek fans will get, but I was in Nottingham yesterday and can’t help myself. The quote comes from one of the very few genuinely funny Next Generation episodes which involved the meddlesome ‘Q’ transporting the crew to the Middle Ages… I was […]

A Walk on the Wild Side

We went for a 3 mile (!) walk along the Thames Path today, starting on the South side of the River at the Thames Barrier and ending at Greenwich. The Thames Barrier was constructed in 1982 to protect central London from flooding. The piers contain 10 steel gates, each weighing 3,700 tonnes, and which stand […]

Pirates Ahoy!

Well as you can see the blog has changed a bit – I will be blogging under this new address from now on, and I think it makes more sense to have a consistent theme throughout – I hope you like it (but if you don’t then please comment below!) I’ve always found pirates fascinating […]

Out of Darkness Cometh Light


The motto above is the one adopted by the City I visited today; Wolverhampton, in the West Midlands. The City (a town until the year 2000, when it became one of the millenium cities, along with Brighton and Inverness) was founded around 985AD by Lady Wulfruna, a powerful Saxon noblewoman of Mercia. A statue of […]

Ahhh Torchwood

Ok, I’ve come to the party quite late, but I’ve finally been pointed towards the adventures of the ‘Torchwood Babiez’. Unlike the real thing it’s funny, the stories are rather good, and there are even convincing plot twists. No completely gratuitous sexual references either – it’s actually safe for kids (are you listening Russell T??). […]