City of Art


I’ve posted quite a few albums showing the statues, sculptures and art installations around Canary Wharf, but I managed to grab a few more shots today with my Nokia N95. From Canary Wharf … From Canary Wharf … One of these days I’m going to have photographs of every single one, but I’m pretty sure […]

It’s A Mystery


I went to Lakeside today. There’s absolutely nothing worth photographing there, so I didn’t take the camera, but I found something interesting on the way. We travelled by train from Limehouse, and as I was walking along the platform I spotted this tucked into a crevice. But what is it? A fragment from a long-abandoned […]

Most Anticipated of 2008

I predict that 2008 is going to be a great year for science fiction films. First up is Cloverfield, due out in the UK on 1 February. It’s a ‘blair witch’ alike movie in the sense that it’s *all* filmed with hand-held cameras (so get your motion sickness pills at the ready) and uses fairly […]

The City of London’s Secret Gardens


Today we went for a walk from St Paul’s Cathedral to the merchant navy war memorial at Trinity Square, taking in some of the City’s hidden gems along the way, including St Mary le Bow church, Whittington Gardens, St Olave’s Church (the burial place of Samuel Pepys) and the atmospheric walled gardens enclosed by the […]

Think “West Side Story”, but with more blood!

I went to see Sweeney Todd last night, to find out what everyone has been raving about. I wasn’t dissapointed. It’s classic Tim Burton, dark and sinister, with an almost black-and-white look to it, with the exception of the blood of course! It is very gory, but that was entirely appropriate for the film’s premise. […]

You’ll never take me alive, copper!


It would have been ill-advised to attempt any form of criminality on Victoria St today, because thousands of police officers were marching along it on their way up to Westminster, protesting for better pay. They were streaming past our office for nearly an hour, but I managed to be watching when the last of the […]