Bridge To Nowhere

If you get off the Docklands Light Railway at Gallion’s Reach there’s a strange sight looking from the end of the westbound platform. It’s a substantial roadbridge which just ends in thin air. This was to be (and may still turn out to be) a slip-road for the much needed East London River Crossing, which […]

Podcast Update #2

This week has seen two releases from the BBC Friday Night Comedy podcast people – there’s an edition of the “News Quiz” from Sandi Toksvig and team, and a special awards ceremony edition of Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis‘s “Now Show”. I love BBC comedy material, it’s always of the best quality, and both of […]

The “Eyes” Have It


Here are some photos taken on Boxing Day of Julie Mathias and Wolfgang Kaeppner‘s art installation in Jubilee Park, Canary Wharf. It consists of 100 sets of animal eyes set around and about the park. At night, they’re illuminated by lighting designed by Admir Jukanovic, so that they look like animals caught in headlights… From […]

Happy Christmas, Doctor

But I’m not terribly optimistic for the New Year. The Doctor Who Christmas Special today was a *titanic* disaster – really poor writing and lots of hammy overacting and hackneyed one-liners – even Queenie got a very corny look-in, and there were a few bars from “My Heart Will Go On”…! Ah well, at least […]

The Inland Sea

Here’s a photograph that I took yesterday as thick fog blanketed the valley that sits below Dudley to the west. The large “islands” you see emerging from the fog in the far distance are the Malverns, which are 1395 feet at their highest point. It’s an interesting sight, as it might have looked like this […]

Angel St

I was down in South Molton Street this evening, exchanging gifts with a friend and having a chat over a coffee. I can’t afford to shop in the little boutiques down there, but they obviously clear enough profit to put on an amazing christmas light show. These angelic beings were lined up all the way […]

Secret Santa & The Evil Elves

Photographic evidence was produced in court today proving that Santa carries a lethal weapon without a licence. Juggling elves interrogated this afternoon at Caramel in Wilton Road, Victoria, admitted that Santa openly carries his weapon when delivering presents. Without prompting, they also said that the food was rather good, with the dessert course being a […]